Get Those Thoughts Out of  Your Head!

And In a place where you can do something with them



Business Therapy What is it?

Here is my whole thought behind the business therapy idea.

It all started as I keep getting calls from business owners in my local area and from the podcast they called I listened.

Why did I just listen because it was the easiest thing to do since I had no frame of reference about their business so the easiest thing to do was just listen.

And in the end of our time together I’d ask questions about what I heard
They would say thanks for listening and helping me ,problem solved and they went on their way and sent me a nice check for helping them solve their problem by just listening ,

So I call it Business Therapy.

Not for consulting, not for coaching but for being willing to just listen.

Sometimes we just need to get unstuck to move forward, don’t need coaching and don’t need to bring on someone to consult.
 Maybe in the future but not right now.

There are a lot of times I would seem to get stuck, Id smack my head against the wall or wasn’t able to break through that glass ceiling

And I knew I was on the edge right on the edge to a great idea.
 I’ve been there I know firsthand, how frustrating it can be to have those thought just sitting there.

 Why do we need to get those thoughts out of our head?

So we can hear what we are actually saying in full sentences.

Think about the last time you were running a situation through your head , you’d start thinking it through and something else would pop in your mind another solution or even something completely off the wall thought .

Sometimes we just need a person who has an ear to listen to us.
Then we can get un stuck or to just see if it even makes sense, or not
Sometimes it makes sense sometimes it doesn’t
Just thinking about it all the time just doesn’t allow us to form a complete sentence in our head.

It would just drive me crazy not being able to move past a thought or a project or a strategy.

There are so many scenarios that you’ve probably have gone through in your head asking your self how do I get all this stuff out of my head  
Where do I turn to.
I don’t drink so there’s no bartender in my life to give me a listening ear. 

Like that has ever solved any ones problems.

How many people in your life actually understand what’s going on in your business?

We have no one that understands us as business owners and they can’t even comprehend what is going through our minds about business.

No one that we can spill our guts out to that is objective..
That won’t try to fix it or us!

My wife bless her heart at time will ask to me  what’s going on with your business  she tries to  understand , because she loves me and really cares.

I’m sure you can relate.

So I spill my guts about what’s going on and what I’m thinking about doing with the business
and then I look into her eyes and they are all glassed over.
And I know everything I just spilled my guts about just got dumped into the universe.

 And I feel helpless.

Everything I just said goes out to the atmosphere, never to come back, and then I get frustrated I had a little hope but no one really understands.

I was just hoping to get some relief!

 From what has been bouncing around in my head.

Even my Friends who have successful businesses

 I don’t want to talk to them about what’s going on and where I’m stuck.

 Why don’t I
Why don’t you
 Why don’t we want to talk to our successful business friends.

Well many reasons 
 They know us too well and our ego won’t permit it.

And if we do build up the courage to do a sit down.
 We know they just will tell us how they did it and then try to fix us.

I just want someone to listen.
We just need someone to listen.

So we can hear our own thoughts in actual sentences.

We don’t want to be fixed or have it fixed for us I just need someone to listen to what’s going on and maybe ask questions to help me get through it.

First you need to get that stuff out of your head.

So you are in the weeds working like a crazy person all the thoughts you have going on in your mind.
So where do you turn to.

Those thoughts how do you put them into action .

you are not quite sure if it a good, great idea or bad idea.
 And sometimes you pass if off as just a crazy thought.

So  I'm saying is just sometimes you  need someone to listen to you.
Listen to your business thoughts and help you sort it out put it on paper and
Then you can do something with those thoughts.

So what I'm saying is just sometimes you need someone to listen to you
Listen to your business thoughts and help you sort it out put it on paper and

Then you can do something with those thoughts.

I can tell you it’s freeing to have someone to just listen to what you have to say and not try to fix you.

So here is what I’m offering
A onetime discounted business therapy session
 Click the button below you and schedule a 30 minute business therapy session call with me.
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When we are done you will get access to our recording so you can go back through the recording and take notes
 So you can  make a plan to get yourself unstuck.

Your thinking why is he doing this, well my wife thinks I’m crazy refer to what I said above.

We business owners just need to get unstuck from our present situation it’s like driving with one foot on the gas pedal and one foot on the brake.

I haven’t seen anything in the market place that offers a listening ear.

 Everybody wants to fix you or your business.

I promise to Just listen.

I see too many business owners struggling and can’t get past their thoughts.
I really want to help those who want the help. 

I’m doing this for a limited time.
Really a few slots will be open each week.
Lets get your thoughts out of your head
Click below for your discounted therapy session.

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So you can get everything out of your head and moving in a forward direction.

Here is what will happen when we Meet on our call.

*We Will meet on a scheduled call for 30 minuets
* I will have sent you a starter sheet to get you started.
* You will talk  and I will listen and take notes.
*When you are done  if there is time I wll ask you a few questions 
*You will recieve the recording of our time together so you can listen and take notes so you can move forward.

If you Haven"t scheduled you time
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So you can move all those business thoughts out of you head and run forward.


We are not doctors or licensed therapist
We do not subscribe any particular medical advice whether it is physical treatment or psychological therapy,
Our sessions can be therapeutic in nature by just getting what you have off your mind  and on paper so you can fully access your own words and thoughts  so you can move In a positive direction to  have a more profitable enterprise.